Congratulations to Bev Cwerner, Audrey Sherwyn and Robin McKeon - unofficial results to the school board election were posted last night and they are the apparent winners although absentee and mail in ballots need to be collected before an official certification can be made.   We are grateful to all candidates who demonstrated an interest in volunteering their time to serve on the Board.   


We continue to monitor schools with the hope that power will be restored to Oak Street and Cedar Hill Schools very soon. The intention is to re-open schools on Monday, November 12th on a 2-hour delay assuming that all schools are ready.   The reason for doing a 2-hour delay is to make sure that there is plenty of light when students are going to their bus stops.   There are still some hazardous areas in town, closed roads and blocked sidewalks so we need to be extra careful in getting students back and forth to school.  Parents, please take a minute this weekend to evaluate your child's walkway to their school or to their bus stop to look for hazards and consider if a bus would be able to get to your area.   If street hazards or closures exist which would prevent a bus from getting to your child's stop or if the walkways are unsafe, you may need to drive your child to school.  On Saturday, November 10th the school bus transportation department will be surveying the town to prepare a list of inaccessible areas which will be posted on this website to provide you notice if your area can not be reached for bus service. 


Finally please note that if 1 or more schools are not ready for Monday November 12, we may use special schedules to get all students to school for at least part of the day on Monday.  If these special schedules are needed, an instant alert message will be issued by Saturday evening.  Everyone should refer to detailed information posted on both the Bernards Township School District and Township of Bernards websites.



Given the number of school days being missed already this year, everyone is reminded that the spring break is lost and at this stage people should realize that other days that were originally scheduled as off days will need to be reevaluated as school days.  Please keep this in mind when making plans to be out of town.   The calendar issue will be a topic of discussion at this month's Board of Education meetings.










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The above is a TEMPORARY email system.  Prior Emails are unavailable.  The emails you see in this temporary system are those that were awaiting delivery since our email server has been down.   New emails recieved and sent through the temporary system will not be easily accessible when we revert back to our normal email system.

Please stay tuned to this website and instant alert for important messages.   Thank you.