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WAMS Eco-Schools Club 

Thank you for your support of the

Cherry Blossom Tree Planting Ceremony!

It was quite a success!



From the Eco-Schools Website for NJ:  
"Powered by students, teachers, and principals,
National Wildlife Federation’s
New Jersey Eco-Schools are advancing environmental solutions
to help create a more environmentally healthy and sustainable state." 




Check the Friday Folder and listen to

morning and afternoon announcements

for meeting dates.


Whether you like BLUE or GOLD best,

here at  ANNIN we’re all GREEN!  

William Annin Middle School

is proud to be a

Green Flag Award Recipient 



WAMS is the only Green Flag school in Somerset County
WAMS is 1 of only 10 Green Flag schools in NJ!
Find out more about NJ Eco-Schools here


Thank you to all who have helped achieve this!



Our Eco-Code


W – Water conservation

A – Always make sure to pick up trash

M – Make healthy choices

S – Save electricity and energy


V – Value our school grounds

I – International integrity 

K – Keep the environment in mind

I – Involve the whole school

N – Never waste resources

G – Go outside whenever possible

S – Successful sustainability




Students in Action - National Wildlife Federation




Monarch Butterflies need Milkweed!


Create a Habitat for Monarchs


Gardening for Monarchs 


Find out which milkweed is native