WAMS Eco-Schools Club 

Thank you for your support of the

Cherry Blossom Tree Planting Ceremony!

It was quite a success!




From the Eco-Schools Website for NJ:  
"Powered by students, teachers, and principals, National Wildlife Federation’s
New Jersey Eco-Schools are advancing environmental solutions to help create a
more environmentally healthy and sustainable state." 




Check the Friday Folder!


Regular meetings will be held on


May 1     &    May 22


From 2:25-3:25 pm in Room 307





The Happening at the Ross Farm


Eco-Schools Permission Slip


Saturday, May 6, 2017 12:00-5:00PM


(rain date May 7)





Whether you like BLUE or GOLD best,

here at  ANNIN we’re all GREEN!  

William Annin Middle School

is proud to be a

Green Flag Award Recipient 



WAMS is the only Green Flag school in Somerset County
WAMS is 1 of only 10 Green Flag schools in NJ!
Find out more about NJ Eco-Schools here


Thank you to all who have helped achieve this!



Our Eco-Code


W – Water conservation

A – Always make sure to pick up trash

M – Make healthy choices

S – Save electricity and energy


V – Value our school grounds

I – International integrity 

K – Keep the environment in mind

I – Involve the whole school

N – Never waste resources

G – Go outside whenever possible

S – Successful sustainability









Students in Action - National Wildlife Federation




Monarch Butterflies need Milkweed!


Create a Habitat for Monarchs


Gardening for Monarchs 


Find out which milkweed is native