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Bernards Township Social Studies Program to Recognize and Commemorate 9/11
Because September 11 occurs so close to the opening of school, and is a sensitive topic in our community, we want to take this opportunity to inform you of our plans to recognize 9/11 this year.  William Annin and Ridge will include a moment of silence in recognition of significance of the day for our community and nation.  The classroom teachers in Grades K-8 will incorporate an age-appropriate activity as part of the social studies curriculum and in support of our character education programs.  They do not all specifically mention 9/11, but they all address concepts related to the event and its aftermath, such as random acts of kindness and heroes. Each year, these lessons will be reviewed and revised as appropriate. The social studies teachers in Grades 9-12 address both the event and the concepts related to 9/11 throughout the curriculum and will address them as they meaningfully support the curricular goals of each course in our program.
Many of the lessons, outlined below, were developed using the curricular materials developed by The 4 Action Initiative, a collaboration of Families of September 11, Liberty Science Center and the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education.  The mission of this group was to educate students about global security and the legacy of September 11th.  The full curriculum can be found HERE.
 September 2013 Lessons


Chrysanthemum: The Power of Words (p. E-10)

The book, Chrysanthemum)


Grade 1

The Beauty of Colors (p. E-11)

                The book, The Beauty of Colors

                (Jellybean Nation pamphlet)


Grade 2

Heroes in our Everyday Lives (p. E-14)

                Song lyrics, “Hero” (Mariah Carey version)


Grade 3

Read Aloud 14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy


Grade 4

September Roses

                The book, September Roses


Grade 5

American Heroes Project (Adapted from “A Brave Hero” p. E-15)

                The book, New York’s Bravest

                Project packet – on the shared drive


Grade 6

Remembering 9/11.  Take the Pledge to Stop the Hate


Grade 7

"Helping Hands":  Natural vs. Man-made Disasters


Grade 8

Random Acts of Kindness, how people deal with tragedy and grief, especially when they are national events.


Other 9/11 Resources: