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Students Teaching Students! 

The Ridge High School History Club "Field Trip in a Box" Project

Students in the Ridge High School History Club participated in the Bernards Township 250th Anniversary Task Force Elementary Outreach Project this year, and created a project that will impact our students for years to come!                                                           

                                        Photo courtesy of Hilary Klimek


The high school students first researched their

own local history covering three main topics: 

     The ABCs of Bernards Township

     Buildings and Roads

     Community Helpers

They visited Brick Academy several times and worked with the town archivist Ann Parsekian and town historian June Kennedy to research and prepare materials about important events and people in Bernards Township history.  They put together PowerPoint presentations on each topic and developed hands-on materials.


After preparing their presentations and hands-on materials, the students visited the 3rd grade students in our elementary schools.  They presented their PowerPoint presentations to the entire 3rd grade and answered the students' questions.  The students are planning to return to the schools to work with the 3rd grade students in the creation of their own project, a book that several classes will "publish" about Bernards Township.

Below you will find links to the student presentations.


The ABCs of Bernards Township - Presented to Liberty Corner Elementary School on February 17, 2010

Buildings and Roads - Presented to Cedar Hill Elementary School on February 29, 2010